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Through everything I offer, I strive to meet you right where you are and I always speak from the heart to help you grow, transform, and feel surrounded with love from your Guides and Angels.  I have helped hundreds of others to learn, grow, blossom, and touch their own greatness.    It is my deepest desire to help you develop your intuition, learn to trust your inner wisdom, connect to your soul purpose, and be empowered in every area of your life.

Are you ready to really dive in and explore YOUR POTENTIAL?

 Would you love to feel a deeper connection to YOUR INTUITION?  

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 Amy Auset Rohn

**Reiki Master/Teacher


**Priestess of Isis

**Harpist, Musician

Painting "Song of the WInd" commissioned by Kathleen Rice.  To see more of her beautiful, intuitive artwork visit her website    


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" Auset's tele-class course is so informative and left me excited to learn more about the Egyptian Gods. I was especially impressed with how personally connected and energized I felt during the conference. I believe this is a powerful new way to teach. The experience left me most eager for her next tele class!"

L. J. Thompson, Indianapolis, IN , Reiki Master


"(Auset's) CD is so soothing, actually makes me feel grateful, and puts joy in my heart. (Her music seems to be) pulled from another world and flows. I can feel all (her) passion in that music. It is inspirational all the way to the soul." 

Linda L., Indiana


"As one of Auset's students, as well as someone who has received an awe-inspiring reading from her, I can attest to the fact that she is a truly gifted teacher, reader and harpist. Every fiber in her being supports the Universe and the goddesses she knows and loves. With a soft touch, a soft voice and a soft heart of wisdom she touches your spirit in loving ways - opening you to a "new self." And therein lies a self that you have never known, yet always have known was there, with Auset being the lightening rod reaching from the sky down through your being. I am blessed for being led to Auset. I wholeheartedly recommend her! If you seek a spiritual touch in any way, I feel that Auset will always leave you better after being with her than before. If you seek a blessing, than she will surely fulfill that desire also."

J.A. Barnett 


"My reading with Auset was so unique and accurate. Her intuition is right on as seems she seems to have a direct line to the goddesses she works with. The song she played was so beautiful it uplifted my spirit which was very sad from a near and dear loss. I look forward to seeing her again the next time she is in town."

Felicia Davis, Indiana


"Auset offers a unique and heartfelt experience for those open to receiving a spiritually guided reading and harp song that reflects each person's own name. My song, to me, feels joyous and comforting, beautiful and calm. It helps me re-appreciate aspects of myself. Her reading accurately reflects my current journey, the new paths I am weaving and encouragement to incorporate my "old loves" of music and writing. I am excited to see how Spirit guides me as I continue along my journey. I highly recommend Auset and her special gifts of service to anyone wanting to explore, grow and be blessed."

Pamela Johnson MA, LCPC, CHT Holistic Psychotherapist


"Auset's wisdom is perennial yet personal. Her teachings and ministrations have jump-started my spiritual practice in ways I never imagined possible. To anyone thinking of taking one of her classes, buying any of her music, or receiving her healing touch and presence, you will come away with knowledge you never knew you had. She clearly is a conduit to the Divine in all of us."

Anita W., Indianapolis, IN


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